“Here there be witches.”

Roguish Witch Hunter Kittarou roams a perilous feudal Japanese countryside solving supernatural mysteries, defeating witches and demons, while his Witch Hunter brethren hunt him down for a murder in the royal family. It’s brains meets blades.


Von Klaus: Creator, Writer, Designer, Inks, Letterer
Von Klaus was born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, and escaped to plant stakes in Chicago. There he attended Columbia College and graduated from their Film program with a BA where he concentrated in screenwriting.


FelixFelix Novara: Pencils, Designer
Origin  : Magelang, Indonesia
Birth (age) : November 16th 1978 (37)
Hobby  : Drawing, Sport, game
Status  : Happy, Married with two sons.. XD
and what else… okay, been in this comic industry for almost 15 years, have a several book published by an Indonesian major label Gramedia, and also by a few US bassed Indie publisher.. motorcycle enthusiast and right now training and encourage my self for taekwondo black belt… ^_^;

MeKenzieMekenzie Martin: Colors
MeKenzie Martin (31) is a self-taught artist with an unconditional love for colors. Born in Utah, USA, she is deaf from birth. Art and colors are like sweet music to her eyes. She has a strong passion to create magical atmospheric artworks and mystical worlds normally unseen to the human eye, and will not stop working until she feels satisfied. Inspired by Rembrandt’s paintings and by Bob Ross, famous for his “happy little trees” and “happy accidents”, she already started drawing and painting as soon as she could hold a pencil as a kid.

After she moved to the Netherlands in 2006, she started painting more seriously. Since then she is working there as a freelance artist in the areas of illustration, concepts (for games and movies), and recently as a colorist. It is her objective to keep improving as an artist, and to be able to provoke deep thoughts and feelings in the viewer. In her spare time, she loves being in the forest and in nature, loves to meditate, cook, and play games. Her website can be viewed here:

Kierston Van De Kraats: Ink Wash Shades
Website can be viewed here:

JamesJames Peñafiel: Flats
From the Philippines working as comic flatter for almost 2 years on various kinds of books.

The Witch Hunter: Clad in black robes, armed with blades called ‘Reavers’, and other tools for hunting and killing witches, the Witch Hunter is trained from age 6 to be the foremost in black arts detection and extermination. A Witch Hunter is both detective and agile ninja-like enforcer. They are both highly respected and feared. The best Witch Hunters act as body guards to the royal family while most are out hunting in the wilderness and can function solo. Think of a Witch Hunter as a kind of Ninja Sherlock Holmes.

A masterless Witch Hunter is called a Rohantanin.

Influences: Samurai Champloo, Blade of the Immortal, Berserk, Inuyasha, Mushi-shi, Naruto, Bleach, Sherlock Holmes, HP Lovecraft, Ninja Scroll, Zatoichi, Sergio Leone Westerns, The Witcher, Lone Wolf and Cub